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CSAT 2017 Presentations

Click the presentation titles below to open a new window featuring a PDF file of each presentation. 

Note: All Presentations linked here in have been released by the Speaker prior to being added to the CSAT Website for public viewing. All presentations from the 2017 agenda missing from this list are will not be available for publishing on the website until we have permission. 

Dr. David Luzzi, Northeastern University                                         



Vic Champagne, ARL

Advancements in Cold Spray & Army Vision


Jack Rick, Ellsworth AFB                                                

Cold Spray Implementation at Ellsworth Air Force Base


Fred Lancaster, NAVAIR                                

NAVAIR Transition of Cold Spray for Rotorcraft


Tom Stamey, Puget Sound NS    

Uniform Industrial Process Instruction for Cold Spray


Mike Froning, Wright Patterson AFB                        

Cold Spray Air Force Change Evaluation Team Process


Dan Greving, Honeywell                                               

Qualification Process for Structural Cold Spray Repair


Michael Nicholas, Matt Keast and James Castle, Boeing

Cold Spray Development at Boeing

Rob Hrabe, HF Webster/VRC      

Cold Spray System Reliability & Advancement for DoD


Neil Matthews, RUAG                                   

AM Restoration of Load Carrying Capacity of Wing Skins


Dr. Tim Eden, Penn State University        

Cold Spray Development at the Applied Research Lab    

Dr. David Luzzi, NU                                                          

Kostas Research Institute Cold Spray Laboratory

Wesley Cass, AMRDEC                                                   

Transition of Cold Spray at Corpus Christi Army Depot


Phuong Vo and Manuel Martin, NRC       

Build Strategies for Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing  


Simon Bellemare, MMT                                                

Nondestructive Evaluation of Cold Spray Deposits


Koroush Shirvan, MIT                                     

Development of Cr Coated Nuclear Fuel Cladding



Poster Session–Exhibits-Networking


Dr. Ozan Ozdemir, SDSMT/NU

Optimization of Cold Spray Powder Feed Rate


Aaron Nardi, UTRC          

Multidirectional Properties in Cold Spray Deposits and New Developments in Cold Sprayed Hard Coatings

Mostafa Hassani-Gangaraj, MIT                 

In-Situ Studies of Micro-Particle Impact & Adhesion        

Chris Howe, MOOG                                                        

Economics of Helium Recovery for Cold Spray    

Steven Camilleri, SPEE3D                                              

Cold Spray Freeform Manufacturing of Engineered Parts


Dr. Christian Widener, SDSMT/VRC

Advanced Cold Spray System Development


Ken Young and Brian Sparber, Boeing

Elevated Temperature Processing Effects on Cold Spray Materials


Dr. Steven Nutt, USC

Structure/Property Relations for Wrought & CS-5056 Al


Matthew Siopis, UTRC

Study of Nozzle Clogging During Cold Spray


Scott Fawaz, Safe Engineering    

Substantiation of Cold Spray Repaired Parts

Heidi Lovelock, TWI                                         

Alternative Adhesive-Free Bond Strength Test for CS

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