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Past Poster Competition Winners

Şebnem Özbek, SDSMT, 2021

"Cold Spray of Polystyrene Particles on Various Substrates"

Michael J. Carter, Arbegast Materials Processing and Joining Laboratory (AMP)

Travis W. Walker, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Grant A. Crawford, Materials and Metallurgical Engineering

Swetaparna Mohanty, UMass Amherst - 2019 

"Substrate Oxide Effects in the Adhesion of Supersonically Accelerated Aluminum Particles" 

Swetaparna Mohanty1, Carmine Taglienti1, Wanting Xie1,2, Victor K. Champagne3, and Jae-Hwang Lee1

Ara Kim, UMass Amherst - 2019

"Extreme plastic deformation of nanostructured copolymer micro-particles in additive manufacturing"


Ara Kim1, Wanting Xie1, Kathy Zhu1, and Jae-Hwang Lee1

Ben Beddard, UCONN - 2018

"In-Situ STEM Observations of Phase Transformations and Grain Refinement in Single Cold Spray Splats"

Benjamin A. Bedard1, Seok-Woo Lee1, Avinash M. Dongare1, Harold Brody1, Victor K. Champagne2, and Mark Aindow1


Caitlin Walde, WPI - 2018