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Past Poster Competition Winners

Swetaparna Mohanty, UMass Amherst - 2019 

"Substrate Oxide Effects in the Adhesion of Supersonically Accelerated Aluminum Particles" 

Swetaparna Mohanty1, Carmine Taglienti1, Wanting Xie1,2, Victor K. Champagne3, and Jae-Hwang Lee1

Ara Kim, UMass Amherst - 2019

"Extreme plastic deformation of nanostructured copolymer micro-particles in additive manufacturing"


Ara Kim1, Wanting Xie1, Kathy Zhu1, and Jae-Hwang Lee1

Ben Beddard, UCONN - 2018

"In-Situ STEM Observations of Phase Transformations and Grain Refinement in Single Cold Spray Splats"

Benjamin A. Bedard1, Seok-Woo Lee1, Avinash M. Dongare1, Harold Brody1, Victor K. Champagne2, and Mark Aindow1


Caitlin Walde, WPI - 2018