Cold Spray is a material-deposition process whereby particles of diameters between 1 and 40 microns in diameter are impacted at high velocity onto a substrate. The particles are placed in a gas stream of nitrogen, helium or air. The stream is then heated and accelerated through a de Laval supersonic nozzle at speeds ranging from 1000 to 2500 meters per second. The particle stream is directed towards a substrate, where the particles are consolidated in the solid state.


Cold Spray Advantages


Cold Spray offers several advantages over other coating systems and deposition processes. Being a low-temperature process, Cold Spray operates below the melting point of metals, requires no combustible fuels or gases, and results in very low porosity deposits. Its solid-state bonding feature, similar to explosive bonding, allows mechanical mixing of particles and substrate. High velocity impact results in plastic deformation of particles to disrupt oxide films, and provides compressive residual stresses. Cold Spray can also be used to form high-density deposits, producing thick coatings of low oxide and porosity content and/or free-standing structures.


Low Temperature Process

  • Below melting point of metals

  • No combustion fuels, gas


Solid State Bonding

  • Mechanical mixing of particles and substrate

  • Similar to explosive bonding

  • Plastic deformation of particles disrupt oxide films

High Density Deposits

Form thick coatings at high deposition rates
Low oxide and porosity content (<1%)
Form free-standing structures
Compressice residual stresses


Cold Spray Applications

VRC Metal Systems, LLC,  is an advanced materials processing technology manufacturer and commercialization partner focused on metal deposition and joining technologies.  We specialize in high pressure cold spray systems and process development for repair, additive manufacturing, coatings, and joining applications.  We provide custom innovative solutions for repair and refurbishment of high value components and for product performance enhancements in new or existing product lines.

Moog is actively involved in continually advancing Cold Spray technology and applications. We continue to develop, qualify, and certify approvals for Cold Spray repairs of aerospace components for commercial and military customers. Repairs are developed and conducted by skilled and experienced personnel. Our material specialists are ASM International Certified Thermal Spray Operators in Cold Spray. Moog also has available metallurgical engineers and FAA Designated Engineer Representatives (DER) authorized to approve repair procedures for Cold Spray repairs. We operate two state-of-the-art Cold Spray facilities, one in West Fargo, North Dakota and the other in Webster, Massachusetts, both of which are FAA Part 145 Repair Stations, with ISO9001 certification and EASA certification. Moog can offer a range of services from the simplest Cold Spray applications to complete “turn-key” component repairs.

Valimet has over 40 years experience as a world-class supplier of spherical aluminum and aluminum alloy powders for a variety of specialty markets including coatings, additive manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, heat management and many others. These spherical powders are produced by inert gas atomization, with particle sizes ranging from two microns to approximately 200 microns. Through constant innovation and response to the evolving needs of our customers, Valimet’s sales, production, and quality personnel can create unique metal powders for specific applications.