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CSAT 2020 Presentations and Recordings

Click the set of links below for the Presentations and Recordings. 

Note: All Presentations linked here in have been released by the Speaker prior to being added to the CSAT Website for public viewing. All presentations from the 2020 agenda missing from this list are will not be available for publishing on the website until we have permission. 

  • Dr. Victor Champagne, CSSI: Keynote Address & “Antimicrobial Cold Spray Coatings” ​​

  • Dr. Rob Carter, Barnes Group: Defense Manufacturing Science Manufacturing Roadmap

  • Janice Bryant, NAVSEA: Rapid Transition Strategy for the Naval Sea Command 

  • Jeff Campbell, NAVSEA: NAVSEA Cold Spray Technology Vision 

  • Dr. Tim Eden, Penn State U.: Structural Repair & Evaluation of High Strength Al Alloys

  • Dr. Aaron Birt, Solvus Global: Machine Learning for Advanced Cold Spray Powder

  • Dr. Isaac Nault, ARL: Path Optimization for Additive Manufacturing & Repair

  • Fred Lancaster, NAVAIR: NAVAIR Integrated Products Team Update & Accomplishments for 2020 

  • Rob Hrabe, VRC Metal Systems: Cold Spray Transition for the DoD

  • Dr. Julio Villafuerte, Centerline: SST Technology-Keeping Historical Aircraft Airworthy

  • Jeff Otterstetter, PPI: Cold Spray Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

  • Dr. James Castle, Boeing: MAI-Cold Spray Repair of Aerospace Structural Parts 

  • Dr. Robin Nissan, SERDP /ESTCP: SERDP/ESTCP Overview & Cold Spray Success Stories 

  • Dr. Ozan Ozdemir, Northeastern U.: Advanced Computational & Experimental Methods 

  • Eric Przybylowicz, Honeywell: Chrome Replacement Repair Development using HPCS at Honeywell R&O 

  • Dr. David Lahrman, LSP Technologies: Laser Cold Spray Bond Strength Inspection 

  • Aaron Nardi, ARL: Fatigue Resistance of Cold Spray Coatings 

  • Neil Matthews, RUAG: Cold Spray Implementation at RUAG

  • Panel Discussion: Tim Eden, Aaron Nardi, and Victor Champagne 

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