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CSAT 2021 Poster Session

Click the set of links below to open a new window featuring a PDF file of each abstract and poster. Recording links will direct to the CSAT YouTube Channel. 

In-Person Session


1. Özüm Ozsaygili, Northeastern University: Assessment and Improvement of the Metallurgical Bonding in Cold Sprayed Al6061 and Al2024


2. Bryer C. Sousa, WPI : Microstructural Evolution Quantification of Cold Spray Processed Material Consolidations via Data-Driven Nanomechanical Mapping and Analysis 

3. Benjamin Bedard, UCONN: Microstructural Evolution of Cold Sprayed Al 6061

4. Scott Julien, Northeastern University: Directional Dependency of Bulk Fracture Toughness in Cold-Sprayed Al 6061 Deposits 

Virtual Session

4. Şebnem Özbek, SDSMT: Cold Spray of Polystyrene Particles on Various Substrates


5. Jack Grubbs, WPI: Investigating the Influence of Metallic Powder Handling and Storage Conditions on Flowability and Moisture Content

6. Rohan Chakrabarty, McGill University: Crystal Plasticity Finite Element Investigation of Deformation of

Single Crystal Copper During Cold Spray


7. Kliah N. Soto Leytan, UCI Irvine: Influence of Hydrogen Content on the Microstructure of Tantalum Cold Spray Coatings


8. Cameron Crook, UCI Irvine: Ab Initio Mechanical Properties of Alumina Polymorphs for Cold Spray Al Powder Passivation Layers


9. Brian Po-Lun Feng, USC: Effects of Cold Spray Parameters on Microstructure and Adhesion of Titanium Deposited on PEEK


10. Tyler Flanagan, UCONN: Micromechanical Characterization of Cold-Sprayed Al-6061 Coatings 


12. Nathaniel Hanson, Northeastern University: Characterization of Fundamental Building Blocks for Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing


13. Ching Chen, UCONN: Mesoscale Modeling of Cold Spray Multi-Particle Impact of Tantalum Powders 


14. Swetaparna Mohanty, UMass Amherst: Determination of Ultrahigh Strain Rate Impact Hardness of Metals by Energy Dissipation Method


15. Salih Duran, Northeastern University: Mechanics of Acceleration and Impact of Polymer Particles for Cold Spray Application 

16. Jane Lin, The Australian National University: Measuring Mesh Distances in the Context of Additive Manufacturing 

17. Avneesh Kumar, Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar: Development of Cold Sprayed Titanium/Baghdadite Composite Coating for Bio-implant Applications

2021 First-Place Winner


Şebnem Özbek, SDSMT: Cold Spray of Polystyrene Particles on Various Substrates

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