Join the cold spray community

Below are more in-depth descriptions of what the various levels of sponsorship includes, so that you may choose the level that works best for you and your team.  

Explanation of Sponsorship Benefits

The Cold Spray Action Team Meeting has been a successful annual meeting for over 10 years, that brings together the cold spray community in the industrial center of Worcester, MA. As sponsors of CSAT, our team wants to make sure that you are able to take advantage of the opportunity to interact directly with the 500+ attendees who are engineers, decision makers, business development experts, academics, and government stakeholders. 


FAQs and Renewal Policy

Renewal Policy

As a result of the feedback received thus far, we are setting the precedence to allow a consistent sponsorship cycle to run 12 months starting from your original invoice date. Renewals will take place annually. Automated invoices will be sent out each year on the previously established date, unless otherwise specified. 

For example: If you have previously received an invoice from CSAT for a sponsorship on October 1, 2020 then you will receive an invoice for sponsorship renewal on October 1, 2021.


NOTE: Due to the nature of the year-to-year event cycle, some benefits, such as logos on the website and newsletter, will end in December, even if renewal dates are later in the Spring. This will allow for sponsors for the upcoming event to have fair representation.  We are more than happy to adjust renewal dates accordingly so your organization has a full year of benefits.​ 

If you wish to upgrade your sponsorship level at any time throughout the year, you will obtain pro-rated credit with purchase of upgraded package. This will allow you to continually sponsor the CSAT meeting with added benefits at your convenience. In the event of an upgrade mid-year, your renewal date will remain the same as before. New benefits will need to be accounted for in the upgrade so plan accordingly.


  • I am a current CSAT Sponsor, how do I adjust our scheduled payment cycle? 

To adjust your scheduled payment cycle, contact us to choose a new annual payment date.


  • What happens if I want to upgrade my sponsorship package?  

Ex. Your organization originally received a Bronze sponsorship invoice on February 15, 2021; you are looking to upgrade to the Gold package in August 2021. In this instance, you are subject to pay the difference between the sponsorship packages to complete the transaction. New benefits will need to be accounted for and take time to fulfill so plan accordingly. Your new CSAT Gold sponsorship package will then renew on February 15, 2022.


  • Are payment plans available to purchase one of your larger sponsorship packages?  

Yes! Contact us to define terms for a payment plan to coincide with your sponsorship cycle. 


Disclaimer: Due to uncertainty regarding COVID-19, sponsorship packages may be swapped for alternate packages in case of an all-virtual event.  Benefits are matched as closely as possible for cost and impact.​