As the cold spray community and the industry grows, it is important that we remain connected well after the annual meeting has come and gone. For this reason, the action team has added additional annual benefits to our original sponsorship packages. These new benefits will allow for your company or team to be highlighted as leaders in the industry through the various media outlets CSAT now utilizes; our newsletter, YouTube, webinars and more.  

Below are more in-depth descriptions of what the various level of sponsorship includes, so that you may choose the level that works best for you and your team.  

Explanation of Sponsorship Benefits

CSAT Sponsorship.PNG

Annual Benefit Details

Link to Business Website on CSAT Website

Logo on Website

Have your business website listed on the CSAT Website on the “Sponsors” Page  

 Get your logo on the CSAT home page. Platinum sponsors are listed at the top! 


Full Page Company


Going to the sponsors page and selecting your company will open up a full-page description of your company and offerings to the cold spray community. No direct advertising please, keep it technical (description of products you sell are completely ok!)

Logo in Newsletter

Have your logo sent in the sponsors section of our monthly newsletter to over 1400 active list members and 700 attendees.

Company Spotlight in Newsletter

Become eligible to submit a piece in our newsletter that highlights some new happening, opportunity, or development with your company in the cold spray community!

Sponsored Webinar Talk

To keep community members gathering and learning from each other year-round, the Action Team will be hosting webinars quarterly. When eligible, you get priority in preparing a talk of your choice that aligns with the CSAT mission. CSAT will promote and market the webinar and your company’s involvement in cold spray.

CSAT YouTube Channel Content Feature

As of CSAT 2020, there is now a dedicated YouTube Channel for the cold spray community. This is a great tool to push additional content and drive search results! Deliver up to one additional video per month and we’ll upload and announce it!

Direct Distribution of

Content to Mailing List

Once per year we let you craft your own dedicated newsletter to our CSAT mailing list. The content can be entirely up to you but must be fact-based and of course community appropriate. Advertising and marketing are completely acceptable as like as there is informative, technical content to back it up!

The Cold Spray Action Team Meeting has been a successful annual meeting for over 10 years, that brings together the cold spray community in the industrial center of Worcester, MA. As sponsors of CSAT, our team wants to make sure that you are able to take advantage of the opportunity to interact directly with the 350+ attendees who are engineers, decision makers, business development experts, academics, and government stakeholders. 

Event Benefit Details

Table Signage

Breakfast, lunch and heavy hors d’oeuvres are served each day of the meeting for those who have purchased tickets. Table signage grants you the right to place up to 1 2’ by 6’ banner (provided by sponsor) and 3” x 6” logos in plastic signs on the gathering tables near the eating space. Number of signs will be dependent on the number of tables. Note that depending on the number of sponsors at each level you may be sharing table signage space.  

Free Drink Tickets

The cost of ‘free drinks’ at CSAT is not built into the ticket price. These free drinks come from our platinum sponsors! With a Platinum Sponsorship plan, you would provide two free drink tickets per guest attending from your company for the evening reception of your choice. This privilege is first come, first served. 


Full Page Feature

in Program

We’ll add a dedicated page to you and your organization in the program, highlighting key technical and factual representations of your company. 

Free Event Tickets

Your sponsorship covers the price of the indicated number of guests! 

Priority Seating

The seating in our current venue (WPI) fills up fast – assure that you and your team have great seats by selecting from one of our reserved tables near the speakers. 

Logo on Email Blasts and Invite

Your logo will be featured on the bi-weekly email blasts and invitations leading up to the day of CSAT. These emails will be sent to over 1,400 active emails.

Choice of Exhibitor Table

There is always a full venue full of exhibitors during the in-person CSAT event – assure that your team is visible and choose a spot for your exhibitor table that best suits your companies needs.  

Note: Choice of spots is first come, first serve, so the sooner the better to lock in your choice   

5 Minute Lunch

Speaking Spot

For our platinum sponsors, we are providing the opportunity to take 5 minutes during lunch to introduce your company and highlight major recent developments that people should be aware of. This can be technical or business in nature, but again should focus on facts and figures that are of interest to the cold spray community.

Large Sized Logo on 

Sponsor Banner

New to CSAT 2021, there will be a large banner that hangs above the registration table – sponsors will get their name and logo on this banner with the logo size proportionate to their sponsorship level.


Disclaimer: Due to uncertainty regarding COVID-19, sponsorship packages may be swapped for alternate packages in case of an all-virtual event.  Benefits are matched as closely as possible for cost and impact.​