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CSAT 2024 Poster Session

2024 Poster Submissions

1. Madison Voyda, University of Alabama -- Laser Assisted Cold Spray Deposition of Niobium for Additive Manufacturing


2. Emily Lee, Daniel Hardt, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) -- Assessment of Cold Spray Powder Emissions in a Controlled Laboratory Setting

  • Ineligible for judging

3. Kiran Judd, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) -- Comparison of Recycled Battlefield Titanium Scrap vs. Virgin Titanium Feedstock Powder for Cold Spray Consolidation  

4. Sohail Mohammed, ColRAD - Florida International University (FIU) -- Cold Sprayed Aluminum Capacitors for 3D Power Packaging Applications

5. Ashton Lyon, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) -- Recycling Metal Feedstock Powders for Re-Use in Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing

6. Denny John, ColRAD - Florida International University (FIU) -- Cold Sprayed Aluminum Capacitors for 3D Power Packaging Applications

7. Caroline Dowling, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) -- A Study of the Feasibility of Using Clean Nitrogen Gas for Metal 3D Printing Applications

8. Anil Lama, ColRAD - Florida International University (FIU) -- Microstructure and Multi-scale Length Mechanical Properties of Cold Sprayed Scalmalloy-Al7075 Composite Deposits


9. Prateek, University of Massachusetts Amherst  -- Enhanced Mechanical Properties in Cold Spray-Produced Titanium/Hydroxyapatite Biocomposites


10. Eva Piazza, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) -- Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing with Shape Memory Alloys for NASA Aerospace Applications

11. Chiemeligo Onyemelukwe, University of Massachusetts Amherst  -- Extended Clogging Suppression in Cold Spray Nozzles using CO2


12. Amir Mansouri, Northeastern University -- Effect of particle size on the ceramic retention of Al/SiC composite by cold spray deposition 

13. Jay Yoder, Montana Technical University -- Flow and Particle Characterization of Low-Pressure Cold Spray Systems

14. Chunyang Xia, Northeastern University -- Development and Validation of Physics-Enable Machine Learning Models for Temperature and Residual Stress in Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing 


15. Akul Chaudhari, Northeastern University -- Material Transfer between Ni Particles and WC-Co Substrates at Shallow Impact Angles and Elevated Surface Temperatures


16. Sohayb Batwa, Northeastern University -- Developing of Chromium-Carbide/ Nickel-Chromium Coatings for Steel Structure Repairs by Cold Spray Technology

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