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CSAT 2021 Cold Spray at the Point of Need Hybrid Meeting

06/22/2021 - 06/23/2021

Cold spray continues to expand and this year we want to emphasize the latest development in 'Manufacturing at the Point of Need'. Cold spray has been implemented in remote locations, apart from the production floor making it a true fielded technology. Advances in feedstock powder have made it possible for cold spray material properties that were thought to be impossible just several years ago. Adhesion values of cold spray coatings on hardened steel have exceeded 50ksi, opening the doors to new and exciting applications. Wear and corrosion-resistant coatings to replace Hard Chrome and Nickel electroplating, have been commercialized and fielded this past year. These coatings have been applied to hardened steel parts for use in high wear and marine applications.

CSAT 2021 Speakers

Dr. Victor Champagne
CSAT Executive Director
Dr. Victor_Champagne_Jr

Dr. Victor Champagne Jr. is the Cold Spray Action Team Executive Director. In his 36 years of materials research and development experience, Vic has been responsible for the advancement of emerging technologies for the Department of Defense that have led to commercialization. One of his most significant achievements, was the establishment of the ARL Cold Spray Center, which he led for over twenty years, and is devoted toward research, development and implementation of Cold Spray. Currently, he is continuing to make extraordinary advances in Additive Manufacturing and the transition of technology into commercial applications.

Keynote Address & Remarks

Session 1: Cold Spray at the Point of Need

Aaron Nardi
VRC Metal Systems
Aaron Nardi.jpg

Mr. Nardi is responsible for technology leadership within the organization, identification of emerging trends in technology and positioning VRC to take advantage of those trends.  In addition, Aaron is responsible for ensuring the technologies being developed align with the core VRC mission, business goals, and organizational strengths. Prior to VRC Aaron was the team lead for the Solid-State Additive Manufacturing Team within the Weapons and Materials Division of the US Army Research Labs.  In this role he had technical leadership for all activities underway within the lab including operations at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, at facilities which are part of ARL Northeast, and at partner laboratories within academic and industrial collaborator sites. 

Calum Stewart
calum stewart.jfif

Calum Stewart is the European Associate for SPEE3D in addition to the Founder and Director of MILSPEC  where he leverages his experience in global military procurement processes, MILSPEC provide the advanced manufacturing industry with guidance into sourcing military contracts, business generation and tendering. Calum brings 15+ years of experience by providing time-sensitive operational support to large logistics organisations, across international borders and high risk environments. He also brings deep technical skills in planning, mobilising and steering the course of large-scale programmes

Neil Matthews

Neil Matthews is the Head of Research and Technology for RUAG Australia is also the RUAG Group Technical Lead for Additive Metal Technologies (AMT). 

Neil holds an Aeronautical Engineering Degree and a Master of Science in Aircraft Design.  

Neil has been pioneering the use of AMT including Supersonic Particle Deposition (SPD) (also known Cold Spray) since 2004 and more recently Laser Additive Deposition (LAD). Neil has been working closely with the Australian Defence Department, Australian and International Research and Academic institutions to have AMT restoration and enhancement of aerospace metal components and structure certified and released back to service.  Neil is also working with a number of international organisations (both Defence and Commercial) on proof of concept programs. 

Dr. Tim Eden
CSAT Academic Director

Dr. Tim Eden is the head of the Material Science Division at the Applied Research Laboratory- Pennsylvania State University. He currently manages a broad portfolio of research and development programs. His emphasis is developing and transition materials and material processes to the Department of Defense and to industry. Dr. Eden is a recognized expert in Cold Spray technology and has developed and transitioned several applications for dimensional repair, corrosion and wear resistance and enhanced heat transfer. He is developing impact and cost models for the cold spray process. His work in materials includes corrosion, wear, and mechanical property characterization, material consolidation, functionally graded materials, ceramic and aluminum armor, failure analysis and thermomechanical processing for improved performance.

Gehn Ferguson
Army Research Laboratory (ARL)
gehn ferguson.jfif

As the project lead for Army Manufacturing Technology programs to transition advanced manufacturing technologies to Army stakeholders, Gehn regularly briefs Navy, Army, ManTech customers, Army PMs, and private industry partners on programmatic and technical updates. He has succesfully developed and received approval for an advanced additive repair process with an annual estimated cost savings for $1.2M/yr with several additional components awaiting final approval. Gehn recommends repair materials solutions and tests for advanced processes for maintenance and repair operations. He also reviews technical and business invoices as a contracting officer representative. Overall, Gehn is experienced in using DoD contracting vehicles via other transaction authorities (OTAs).

David Wright
Accuwright Industries
david wright.jfif

David Wright started Accuwright Industries, Inc. after working in the Thermal Spray/Aerospace industry since 1980. He is a a true entrepreneur who wants to make a difference in the world. David is passionate about making contributions to humanity. His specialities include thermal spray and automating a spray program using robotics. His motto stands true as, "the best hand sprayer makes the best robot programmer".

Marc Pepi
Army Research Laboratory (ARL)
marc pepi.jfif

Marc Pepi is a materials engineer with ARL and currently the leader of the Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Team. He has worked over 34 years for the Department of Defense in materials behavior and characterization, failure analysis, inorganic coatings, and expeditionary manufacturing. He has an Army Black Belt in Lean SixSigma and is a Fellow of the Society for Machinery Failure Prevention Technology. Mr. Pepi holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering and an M.S. in engineering management from Northeastern University.

Chris Howe
Mid-America Aerotech
Mid America Aerotech

Chris Howe will be discussing Portable Cold Spray Repair of Patriot Missile Pedestal at the Cold Spray Action Team Meeting for 2021.

Session 2: Cold Spray Projects and Programs

Autumn joined the Solvus team in March of 2019 as Operations Coordinator and is now currently SG’s HR and Marketing Manager where she works to help showcase Solvus Global’s mission, success, and incredible team. She received her bachelor’s degree in Literature and Writing from Keene State College in 2016 and has loved being able to apply her love for people and creativity to her role at Solvus Global. At this stage in her career, she now speaks part-Engineer, which allows her to get excited about all of the company’s new projects. Outside of work, Autumn enjoys writing for her blog, She’s Wildly Capable, spending time outdoors, and thrifting. She is also an avid reader and loves a good DIY project.

Jeff Campbell
Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)
jeff campbell.jfif

As the NAVSEA Cold Spray Project Manager, Jeff manages the development and fielding of Cold Spray technology for the NAVSEA organic and defense industrial base. Mr. Campbell’s portfolio also includes management of the new Cold Spray as a service model, which serves as a template for broader technology transition. Jeff brings 24 years’ experience with the Navy including service time as a Submarine Auxiliary man and Repair Shop Outside Machinist. This year, Jeff will present "NAVSEA Strategy for Cold Spray Implementation" at the CSAT 2021 Hybrid Meeting.

brian james.jpg

Brian James, 28th Maintenance Group senior engineering and technical advisor, works with the cold spray processes at Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.D. to achieve a mechanical bond upon impact restoring the part back to the original specs. Ellsworth AFB personnel have been using this technology for more than two-years and the 28th Maintenance Group is expanding the capability by building a cold spray facility of which Brian James oversees.

Brian James
Ellsworth Air Force Base
Fred Lancaster
Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR)

Mr. Lancaster is the Air Vehicle Engineering Materials Engineering Division Science and Technology Lead. He provides for the scientific and technical program leadership for the planning, management, and transition of science and technology programs and projects to achieve warfighting wholeness across the Naval Aviation Enterprise in relation to material readiness. Uses his experience and technical knowledge to plan, advocate, and execute a Government/Industry science and technology investment and transition strategy fostering balance, integration, and transition across Basic Research, Applied Research, and Advanced Technology Development efforts.

Ken Ross
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
ken ross.jpg

Ken Ross is a Materials Research Engineer in the Energy Processes & Materials Group at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). Mr. Ross leads and executes research in solid state processing to create improved materials and manufacturing processes for industrial and government clients. Prior to joining PNNL in 2015 Mr. Ross executed cold spray, friction stir welding, and linear friction welding research and development for industrial clients while working at Manufacturing Technology, Inc. His responsibilities also included mechanical, electrical and control system design of capital equipment components.

Mr. Ross currently conducts research for joining and processing applications in hydropower, defense, nuclear power and automotive sectors. He currently serves as the Industrial Advisory Board Chair for the NSF I/UCRC Center for Friction Stir Processing.

Debbie Lilu
National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS)

Ms. Lilu has over 30 years of experience in the automotive and aerospace industries and working with the Department of Defense. Ms. Lilu has extensive expertise in managing complex, collaborative technical projects and understands how to bring new technology to commercialization. She has a proven track record leading a team for securing over $600M in funding across all of the armed services.   She is also a focal point in supporting the efforts and goals of the Joint Technology Exchange Group (JTEG)s including website maintenance, marketing and technology forums.  She continues to build strong relationships with the DoD maintenance communities, i.e. wiring, expeditionary fluid analysis, cold spray, composite, corrosion, additive manufacturing and Condition Based Maintenance (CBM+).

Mitch Shedden
Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) Rapid Sustainment Office
Mitch Shedden.jpg

Mitch Shedden is the lead Cold Spray engineer for the Advanced Manufacturing team in AFLCMC’s Rapid Sustainment Office. He works to identify innovative opportunity areas in the field of Cold Spray and apply those advancements towards completing repairs on aircraft components to generate cost and schedule savings relative to new part procurement. Once these new capabilities are established, Mitch works to scale them across the AF to achieve organic sustainment capability.

Matt Siopis
Army Research Laboratory (ARL)

Matt Siopis is a materials research engineer and cold spray technical lead in the Solid-State Additive Manufacturing (SSAM) team at the Army Research Laboratory (ARL). Matt is responsible for the development of materials, process conditions, equipment, implementation and transition of cold spray technology. Matt is author to several cold spray patents related to nozzle design and hybrid manufacturing. This year, Matt will be presenting on "Army Cold Spray Applications and Needs."

CSAT 2021 Speakers
Session 1: Point of Need
Session 2: Projects & Programs

Session 3: Cold Spray Ecosystem

Dan Stanley
Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NSY)
dan stanley.jfif

Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) Supervisory Mechanical Engineer Dan Stanley has been recognized as a Federal Engineer of the Year by the National Society of Professional Engineers. Mr. Stanley demonstrates the ability to accurately decipher technical problems and produce complete, accurate, and detailed resolutions for systems under his cognizance and is recognized as a leader at driving technically sound decisions on complex issues. Often, he troubleshoots operations and first time cold spray repairs, when considering the unique position of the U.S. Navy Fleet.

Howie Marotto
howie marotto.jfif

Howard “Howie” Marotto, is currently the Additive Manufacturing Business Director for EWI and focused on expanding the Additive Manufacturing team and portfolio for the Federal Government and commercial sectors. He is also a Colonel in the Marine Corps Reserves, and the Deputy Commander of the 4th Marine Logistics Group with approximately 8,000 Marines in over 30 states and territories. Prior to these roles, he was the Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Lead for the Marine Corps and the Deputy Director of Headquarters, Marine Corps, Installation and Logistics Next Generation Logistics (NexLog) team from 2015 to 2018. Before that, he attended the Dwight D. Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy, graduating in June 2015 with a Masters in National Resource Strategy and commanded Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 49 (MALS-49). During his career as a Marine, he has deployed in support of operations in Albania, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Aaron Birt
Solvus Global
aaron birt.jpg

Aaron is an engineer, entrepreneur, and adventurer with a passion for 'hard' technology innovation and commercialization. His companies, Solvus Global and Kinetic Batteries, are a reflection of his own passion and desire to see technology positively impact the world. Aaron is a leading expert in various fields of machine learning, materials, and manufacturing with a passion for using technology to develop solutions to critical problems faced around the globe. Aaron is a member of Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2018 and of the Society of Manufacturing Engineer's 30 Under 30 Program.  Through a combination of Aaron's volunteer activities and technical expertise, Aaron has developed the ability to bring the right people together to solve problems both large and small.

Brian Riffle
Pacific Propeller International (PPI)
brian riffle.jfif

Brian Riffle from PPI in Washington will be discussing the Cold Spray Repair of Aircraft Propeller Components at CSAT 2021.

Dr. Julio Villafuerte
CenterLine Windsor Limited
Dr. Julio Villafuerte

Dr. Villafuerte is the Corporate Technology Strategist at Centerline Windsor Ltd, one of North America’s premier designers and manufacturers of production automation for automotive fabrication, welding equipment, and cold spray systems. He develops new business opportunities based on adoption of emerging technologies for commercialization. Julio nurtures an innovation culture within the corporation and serves as liaison with government funding agencies to leverage the economic risk associated with development. Since 2003, he has promoted the use of cold spray technology by active participation in global professional events that disseminate advances in thermal spray and allied technologies for applications in aviation, defense, automotive, energy, manufacturing, and emerging industries.

Mike Nicholas

Mike Nicholas from Boeing in Mesa, Arizona will be discussing Cold Spray Repair for Composite Tooling at the CSAT Hybrid Meeting 2921.

Madan Pal
BAE Systems
madan pal.jfif

Madan Pal is the Lead Technologist at BAE Systems Maritime Engineering & Services, Inc. based in United Kingdom. He is a hands-on Chartered mechanical engineer with expertise in materials science, tribology, and surface engineering. He is passionate about science and engineering and its application to innovate solutions for everyday engineering problems. He lead and manages successful R&D projects. He credits himself as an inventor/co-inventor of 8 patents with several published technical papers, and author of a book chapter for the Encyclopedia of Offshore and Marine Engineering. 

Peter Richter
Impact Innovations
Peter Richter.jpg

Peter Richter is a co-founder and the financial director of the cold spray system manufacturer Impact Innovations. The graduate engineer completed his mechanical engineering studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Rosenheim.

Fred Laguines

Fred oversees all new technology and new program development activities for ES3’s Southeast Operations. As a former aircraft structures and landing gear engineer from Delta Air Lines, Fred has more than 25 years of engineering experience with pneumatic, hydraulic, and electromechanical components and subsystems. His technical expertise includes structural and material aspects of aircraft systems, structures and component repair, landing gear, and wheels, tires and brakes. Fred holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and a Master of Business Administration from Regis University.

Autumn joined the Solvus team in March of 2019 as Operations Coordinator and is now currently SG’s HR and Marketing Manager where she works to help showcase Solvus Global’s mission, success, and incredible team. She received her bachelor’s degree in Literature and Writing from Keene State College in 2016 and has loved being able to apply her love for people and creativity to her role at Solvus Global. At this stage in her career, she now speaks part-Engineer, which allows her to get excited about all of the company’s new projects. Outside of work, Autumn enjoys writing for her blog, She’s Wildly Capable, spending time outdoors, and thrifting. She is also an avid reader and loves a good DIY project.

Session 4: Science & Technology (S&T)

Dr. Rhys Jones
Monash University

Rhys Jones AC is a Companion Of The Order Of Australia. This honour was Awarded in the 2018 Australia Day Honours List for his contributions to Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. It is the highest honour that can be awarded to an Australian. Rhys is an Emeritus Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Monash University and Head of the Centre of Expertise in Aircraft Structural Mechanics. Current interests include crack growth in operational aircraft, naturally occuring short cracks, supersonic particle deposition, additive manufacturing, composite structures and nano-composites, environmental degradation, structural optimisation, railway engineering and recycled plastic sleepers.

Dr. Ozan Ozdemir
Northeastern University

Dr. Ozdemir is a professor in the field thermo-fluids sciences, multiphase flows, and gas dynamics. His expertise are in the development of high fidelity computational models and experimental techniques for gaining a fundamental understanding of the cold spray solid-state additive manufacturing process for the advancement of the technology. He continues his efforts as a research assistant professor at Northeastern University, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Dr. Oliver Stier
Siemens AG

Dr. Oliver Stier is Principal Scientist at SIEMENS AG, Berlin, Germany. Since he joined SIEMENS in 2005, Oliver has continuously been investigating and developing the cold spray process for industrial application, with focus on cost efficiency and robotic automation. Further work topics are products or solutions for inspection and repair, computer vision, statistics, data analysis and modeling. During the COVID-19 pandemic Oliver extended his work to analysis of corona virus outbreaks, risk calculation for indoor airborne transmission, and aerosol emission during singing and wind instrument playing. Before he joined Siemens in 2005, Oliver managed development of fiber optics transmitter components with Infineon Technologies AG. Coinventor of 57 patent families and coauthor of 80+ scientific publications.

Dr. Tanaji Paul
Florida International University (FIU)

Dr. Tanaji Paul is a Research Assistant Professor at Florida International University where he teaches both graduate and undergrad courses on materials science and characterization. With 7+ years of experience, as a Process Metallurgist, Dr. Paul is an expert in additive manufacturing, structural behavior of cold spray coatings, and powder composite development. His presentation is titled "Multi-Component & High Strength Al Coatings by CS" within the Science & Technology segment of CSAT 2021.  

Sarah Galyon Dorman 
SAFE Engineering
SEGD pic.jpg

Ms. Sarah Galyon Dorman joined the SAFE Inc team in August 2011.  She currently is the PI for all of SAFE’s government research and development programs. Her programs focus on aircraft structural certification of an additive manufacturing process (cold spray), environmental effects on cracking of modern and legacy aluminum alloys, inhibitor effects on complex environmental cracking, and engineering student development. Prior to joining SAFE, Sarah worked at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory studying ignition reliability and additive manufacturing for Department of Energy related applications.  Sarah also has experience with root cause failure analysis, mixed mode crack growth and environmentally assisted cracking.  She received a Bachelor of Science degree from Virginia Tech in Materials Science and Engineering, followed by a Master of Science from the University of Virginia. 

Dr. Steven Palkovic
Massachusetts Materials Technologies (MMT)
steven palkovic.jpg

Dr. Steven Palkovic is the co-founder and CTO of Massachusetts Materials Technologies (MMT) where he leads the research and development of novel instruments that utilize contact mechanics to estimate conventional laboratory metrics of material strength and toughness. These proprietary technologies measure nondestructive properties that are sampled in-situ, providing a more cost-effective and less disruptive alternative to laboratory testing of standardized cut-outs. MMT instruments have been adopted by the oil and gas industry for delivering material test reports and data analytics services to operators of high-pressure pipelines, and additional applications are being validated in defense, transportation, and energy industries. 

Todd Dunford
JENTEK Sensors
todd dunford.jfif

Todd joined JENTEK Sensors in 2005 as Vice President of Product Engineering. He graduated with his B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University. Todd has significant experience in system integration for automated sensors systems. He has been the principal investigator on a number of piping and pipeline related projects.

Dr. Luke Brewer
University of Alabama
Dr. Luke Brewer.jpg

Luke Brewer joined the faculty at The University of Alabama in 2015. His research interests include additive manufacturing and cold spray deposition of powdered metals, welding of metallic structures, and materials characterization in general.  Prof. Brewer has also been a staff member in the computational materials science and materials characterization departments at Sandia National Laboratories and the GE Global Research Center in Niskayuna, NY.  Prof. Brewer’s research has been recognized by several awards including the 2021 UA College of Engineering Faculty Excellence in Research and Innovation, the Menneken Faculty Award for Excellence in Scientific Research in 2012, and the K.J.F Heinrich Award from the Microanalysis Society for Outstanding Young MAS Scientist in 2011.  

Mark Riccio

Mark Riccio is a product marketing manager at ThermoFisher Scientific focusing on X-ray based imaging systems (Heliscan Micro CT) for the materials science and engineering research markets. In this role, Mark coordinates closely with the customer base in the Americas and Canada to provide solutions for challenging imaging and analytics tasks using the latest innovations and methods.  Mark received his Masters in electrical engineering from Cornell University, where his research focused on signal processing as applied to cardiac electrophysiology. He began work with non-invasive 3D X-ray imaging in 2008 and became a champion for leveraging the technology to create solutions for diverse academic and industrial applications while leading the Multiscale X-ray facility at Cornell University. 

Dr. Jean-Gabriel Legoux
National Research Council Canada (CNRC-NRC)

Dr. Jean-Gabriel Legoux will be discussing Laser-Assisted Cold Spray from Concept to Applications during his presentation at the Cold Spray Action Team Hybrid Meeting 2021.

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Autumn joined the Solvus team in March of 2019 as Operations Coordinator and is now currently SG’s HR and Marketing Manager where she works to help showcase Solvus Global’s mission, success, and incredible team. She received her bachelor’s degree in Literature and Writing from Keene State College in 2016 and has loved being able to apply her love for people and creativity to her role at Solvus Global. At this stage in her career, she now speaks part-Engineer, which allows her to get excited about all of the company’s new projects. Outside of work, Autumn enjoys writing for her blog, She’s Wildly Capable, spending time outdoors, and thrifting. She is also an avid reader and loves a good DIY project.

CSAT 2021 Sponsors
Session 3: Cold Spray Ecosystem
Session 4: Science & Technology


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