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CSAT 2022 Poster Session

Click the set of links below to open a new window featuring a PDF file of each abstract.

2022 Student Poster Submissions

1. Akul Chaudhair, Northeastern: Investigation of Nozzle Clogging in Cold Spray 


2. Aulora Rusk, Mississippi State: Crystal Plasticity Modeling Effort to Capture Microstructural Variations in Cold Sprayed Materials 

3. Creston Giles, Mississippi State: A Constitutive Material Model for Simulating Texture Evolution and Anisotropy Effects in Cold Spray

4. Davoud Jafarlou, UMASS: Suppression of Nozzle Clogging with CO2 Cooling 

5. Denny John, FIU: Cold Spray Deposition of High Strength Composite Coatings of Aluminum High Entropy Alloy and Aluminum 6061 

6. Ibnaj Anamika Anni , Rowan University: Numerical Investigation of Cold Spray Deposition Mechanisms of Polymeric Coating on Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites


7. Jack Grubbs, WPI: Exploring Linkages between Powder Rheology, Feed Rate, and Processability in Cold Spray 


8. Jasper Lienhard, MIT: Mapping Cold Spray Adhesion Windows Using Single Particle Impact Data


9. Kiran Judd, WPI: Impact of Thermal Pre-processing of 410 and 430 Stainless-steel Powder upon Microstructural and Mechanical Properties


10. Kyle Wade, UCONN: Micro-Mechanical Characterization of Tantalum Cold Spray Deposits 

11. Kyrus Tsai, UCONN: Microstructural Analysis of Tantalum Feedstock Powders and Cold-Sprayed Deposits 

12. Lucas Bartek, South Dakota SM: Friction Stir Processed 6061 Aluminum Cold Spray Depositions 


13. Matthew Schwenger, Rowan University: Considerations in the Adaptation of Cold Spray to High-Performance Polymers


14. Mehdi Barhoumi, Rowan University: Thermo/Fluid Mechanics of Supersonic Impinging Jet Flows – In Search of a Modern Bow Shock Standoff Distance Correlation 


15. Nadib Akram, UCONN: Microstructural Observation of Heat Treated Al6061 Powder and Corresponding Cold Sprayed Samples using Electron Microscopy  

16. Po-Lun Feng, USC: Hybrid Bond Layers for Cold Spray Metallization of CFRP Surfaces 

17. Roy Kesterson, South Dakota SM: Microstructure, Corrosion Response, and Mechanical Behavior of Sacrificial Al-Zn-In Cold Spray Coatings on Aluminum and Steel Substrates 

18. Ryan Cochran, Mississippi State: Aging Effects on Cold Sprayed Al 6061 Alloy Stress Corrosion Cracking Response 


19. Scott Julien, NU: In Situ Laser Profilometry for Measuring the Shape of an Evolving Cold Spray Deposit 

20. N. Hutasoit, Swinburne University of Technology: Low-pressure compressed air-based cold spray additive manufacturing applications


21. B. Palacios: Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of WAAM CpTi

22. A. Hamrani: Applying Machine Learning to WAAM: A Systematic Data-Driven Approach


23. K. Rodriguez: Corrosion Behavior of Cp-Ti Grade 2 WAAM Samples Tested in 0.1 N NaCl


24. M. Rayhan: Development of a Framework to Evaluate Automation of Robotic Systems for WAAM

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