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Detail Specification: Powders for Cold Spray Deposition

"This specification is approved for use by all Departments and Agencies of the Department of Defense.


1.1 Scope. This specification covers requirements intended for use in the procurement of powders used to produce deposits utilizing a cold spray materials deposition process for the purpose of parts repair, coatings, or fabrication of near-net shaped parts. Cold spray is a process whereby metal powder particles are utilized to form a deposit by means of ballistic impingement upon a substrate in order to produce thin coatings, thick deposits, or near-net shaped parts. This cold spray process is explained in the manufacturing process standard MIL-STD-3021, "Materials Deposition, Cold Spray". The base document of MIL-DTL-32495 contained requirements for Aluminum powders only. This new Revision (A) expands the list of powders to include additional materials beyond aluminum."


To view the Powders for Cold Spray specifications and requirements document in its entirety, please visit or download the MIL-DTL-32495A pdf file for the latest release on 26-NOV-2018.

Download PDF • 2.97MB

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