Student Poster Rules & Guidelines

Poster Drop-Off: WPI Campus Center, 2nd Floor 

100 Institute Road 

Worcester, MA 01609 


Monday, June 21, 5-8pm 


Tuesday, June 22, 7-8am 


Poster Judging: Solvus Global 

104 Prescott Street, Worcester 

Tuesday, June 22, first hour of reception 


Poster Pick-Up: WPI Campus Center, 3rd Floor 

Wednesday, June 23, 3-5pm 


If your poster has not been picked up by 5p.m. on Wednesday, June 23, it will be discarded. 


Presenters are responsible for the pick up and drop off of their printed material. Please use a 3’ x 4’ (or 4’ x 3’) poster size; easel and push pins will be provided. Any visual aids which might clarify the results of your own work are encouraged. These can include diagrams, charts, figures, illustrations, etc. Do not, however, post your paper text. Graphics should be simple, colorful, well labeled, and clear.  


Please stand by your poster during the Poster Judging section of the reception to share your work and answer questions. Event staff will handle moving your poster between locations. 
Thank you for your valued participation in our program! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions or concerns.