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for attending CSAT 2018
"Structural Repair and Additive Manufacturing"  

The CSAT Technical Committee wishes to thank the attendees of the 2018 CSAT Meeting at WPI. It was the largest international gathering on cold spray to date with over 325 registered participants in 2018.  CSAT continues to grow, which serves as a testimony to the worldwide interest in cold spray.  Many thanks to Dr. Wole Soboyejo, and the WPIstaff for hosting the event and to Dr. Helen Usera, our CSAT Coordinators.  Their expertise and willingness to go beyond the call of duty has helped make CSAT an outstanding success.  Thanks also to our sponsors:  VRC Metal Systems, Valimet, & MOOG.

Many compliments were received regarding the program content. There were many good presentations and much important data provided. Please note that all briefings (presentations) that have been made public can be accessed on the CSAT website.  Go to

Finally, I wish to thank all the presenters and encourage those who wish to present at future CSAT workshops to submit an abstract by February 1, 2019 to me or Aaron Birt (  If you want to be an exhibitor or display a poster, please let us know by February 1, 2019.  
Thanks again for a very fine meeting. We look forward to next year's CSAT!
Victor Champagne, CSAT Technical Program Chairman
Director, ARL Center for Cold Spray
US Army Research Laboratory, ATTN: RDRL-WMM-D, BLDG 

Thank you to our sponsors for CSAT 2018!
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