2018 CSAT Presentations

Vic Champagne, ARL

Advancements in Cold Spray & Army Vision

Brian James, Ellsworth AFB

FEB Approval and Cold Spray Initiatives at Ellsworth AFB

Matt Minnick, NAVAIR

Cold Spray Development by the NAVAIR

Tom Stamey, Puget Sound NS

NAVSEA Cold Spray: Case Studies and Implementation

B. Zamorano, Boeing, Dr. I. Nault, ARL, and M. Watson, Arconic

Metals Affordability Initiative for Structural Repair

Venkata Satish Bhattiprolu, SDSMT

Promising potential of cold spray process as an effective repair application for Ti-6Al-4V components

Aaron Nardi, UTRC

Cold Spray (CS) Coatings for Cr and Ni Plating Replacement

Dr. Tim Eden, Penn State University

Cold Spray Development at Penn State University

Neil Matthews, RUAG

Australia/US Cold Spray Collaborations

Dan Greving, Honeywell

CS Structural Repair of an Al Lubrication Pump Housing

LTC McSwain, retired, UMASS Lowell

UMASS Lowell Research Institute Cold Spray Initiatives

Ken Ross, PNNL

Cold Spray Repair and Mitigation for Hydropower Parts

Kyle Johnson, VRC Metal Systems

Navy Repair Process Development and Implementation

Dr. Luke Brewer, Univ. Alabama

Corrosion Mitigation Beneath Fasteners on Aircraft

Chris Howe, MOOG

Aerospace Application Development & Qualification

G. Ferguson & B. Placzankis, ARL

Cold Spray Powder Specification Implementation

Dr. Christian Widener, SDSMT/VRC

Emerging Industrial Repair Developments at SDSMT

Dr. Julio Villafuerte, Centerline

New Advancements in SST Cold Spray Processing

Simon Bellemare, MMT

Nondestructive Evaluation of Cold Spray Deposits

J. Rodriguez, UMASS

Suppression of Clogging in Cold Spray Nozzles

Dr. Ozan Ozdemir, Northeastern Univ.

High Rate Powder Deposition & Heat Transfer in CS

Dr. Nhon Q. Vo, NanoAl LLC

(AddalloyTM) for Structural Repair & Additive Mfg.

Dr. Koutsoukis, IPG Photonics

Laser Assisted Cold Spray


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