CSAT 2019 Presentations

Note: All Presentations linked herein have been released by the Speaker prior to being added to the CSAT Website for public viewing. All presentations from the 2019 agenda missing from this list will not be available for publishing on the website. 

1. Matt Siopis, UTRC - Low & High Pressure Cold Spray Systems 
2. Fred Lancaster, NAVAIR - Cold Spray Development by the NAVAIR
3. Jeremy Hortsman, Ellsworth AFB - Cold Spray Transition for the Air Force
4. Aaron Nardi, ARL - SERDP Program-CS for Cr & Ni Plating Replacement 
5. Neil Matthews, RUAG - Cold Spray Applications for Structural Integrity 
6. J.P. Lareau, W. Glass, K. Ross, PNNL - Cold Spray Applications for Nuclear Power Plants
7. Dr. Aaron Birt, Solvus Global - Quality CS Powder & Machine Learning Process Control 
8. Brian Placzankis, ARL - Process of CS Powder Qualification to MIL-DTL-32495
9. Pranjal Nautiyal, FIU - Mechanics of Cold Spray-Form Splats to Coatings 
10. James Sullivan, Lockhead-Martin - Cold Sprayed Anti Corrosion Coating for Aircraft Parts 
11. Sarah Gaylon Dorman, SAFE Inc. - FAA Certification of Cold Spray Dimensional Repair 
12. Dr. Issac Nault & Gehn Ferguson, ARL - Advancements in Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing 
13. Andrew Duguid, Spee3D - Materials & Properties for Additive Cold Spray 
14. Dr. Jussi Larjo, Oseir Tampere University - Cold Spray Process QA by Online Spray Monitoring 
15. Hans Walter Mroch - Cold Spray Repairs of Aerospace Parts 
16. Henry Begg, TWI - Properties of CS using PH Aluminum Alloy Powders