2016 CSAT Exhibitors

Army Research Laboratory
ES3, Inc.
Metal Tech & Mgmt Inc.
Penn State-ARL
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Sturbridge Metallurgical
Temple University
VRC Metal Systems
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Draper - Comples Devices/Systems of the Future are Not Flat
Northeastern University - 1.  Material Model Calibration for High Strain Rate Particle Impacts  2.  Atomic and Microscale Simulations of High Velocity Impact of Particles
Saint-Gobain - Application of Silicone Adhesive Tapes for Thermal Spray Masking
South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologyCFD for Cold Spray:  Detail, Accuracy, and Computational Cost
University of ConnecticutComputation, Microstructural, and Mechanical Studies of Cold-Spray Splats
University of MassachusettsParametric Single Micro-Particle Impact Study for Extreme Deformation Mechanics in Cold Spray
University of North Carolina, Chapel HillKinetic closures of Johnson-Cook plasticity models
University of North TexasFirst Principles Calculations and Peridynamics Simulations of CS of Aluminum Alloys
University of Southern CaliforniaEffects of Post-processing Heat Treatments on Cold Sprayed Aluminum Alloys
University of Southern Mississippi - USM updates of CS

Worcester Polytechnic Institute - 1.  The Microstructural Evolution of Powder Aluminum Alloys After Thermal Processing  2.  Simplifying the Mosaic:  A Statistical Learning Approach to Predicting Bulk Properties in Laser-Assisted CS    3.  Experimental Characterization for Through-Process Modeling of CS Aluminum Alloys

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