CSAT 2016 was held on June 21-22, 2016 (Tuesday and Wednesday) at WPI Odeum Center in Worcester, MA

Early registration - 6-8 pm  - registration - open at 7 am on Tuesday
Exhibitors open – 6-8 pm - Exhibitors -  open during CSAT
TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2016 -  8am - 9pm including demo
Dr. Rick Sisson, WPI - Welcome
Vic Champagne, ARL - Objectives and New Developments
Dr. Brian James, Ellsworth AFB - Ellsworth Air Force Base Cold Spray AM Facility
Michael Nicholas, Boeing - Cold Spray Development for Apache Mast Support
Dr. Tim Eden, Penn State - Applied Research Lab Cold Spray Development
Neil Matthews, RUAG - Cold Spray for Australian Defense Department
Blake Barnett/Dan Kaplowitz, ARL - Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing & Structural Repair
Jarrrod Schell, MOOG - Cold Spray Aerospace at Tinker Air Force Base
Aaron Nardi, UTRC - Structural Cold Spray Aluminum Alloy Development
Dr. Christian Widener, SDSMT - Transitioning CS to DoD/Commercial applications              
Trung Nguyen, NAVAIR - CS & Additive Technologies for Naval Aircraft
Dr. Ovidiu Marin, Quantum Technology - Helium Recovery for the Cold Spray Process
Rob Hrabe, HF Webster Eng Services - OSD Mantech Program & Powder Processing/Storage
RECEPTION – Sponsored by Valimet - Poster Session–Exhibits-Networking
Bus Transportation from WPI to MOOG, 22 Town Forest Road, Webster, MA, 01570
Demonstration of OSD Mantech Cold Spray Helium Recovery System-Networking

Bus Transportation - Back to WPI from MOOG

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22, 2016 - 8 am to 5pm
Ken Young, Boeing - CS Protective Erosion Coatings
Dr. D. Cote/B. McNally, WPI - Advanced Powder Characterization and Modeling 
S. Arunachalam, Safe Inc. - Cold Spray Structural Repair of Al 7075-T651
Ozan Ozdemir, SDSMT - Prediction of Particle Impact Conditions via CFD Model
Tom Stamey, PSNSY - Cold Spray Repair of Main Pump Housing
Dan Greving, Honeywell, AR - Cold Spray Application Development at Honeywell 
Heidi Lovelock, TWI - CORSAIR European Collaborative Project
Dr. Iulian Marinescu, Rolls Royce - Process Monitoring Solutions for Cold Spray
J. Lareau/S. Glass/A. Diaz, PNNL - Cold Spray Fabrication of NDE Qualification Samples
Dr. Atieh Moridi, MIT - Fatigue Behavior of Structural Cold Spray Coatings
Dr. Julio Villafuerte, CenterLine/Linh Tran, L.J. Walch - Aerospace New Trends:  Saving with Cold Spray Process
Dr. Klassen, Helmut-Schmidt University - Systematic Tuning of Cold Spraying for Aerospace
Victor Champagne, ARL - Cold Spray Joining of Dissimilar Materials and Wrap-Up

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